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I help individuals and teams roll out new technology, moving it from the back room into the hands of users and customers.

Previous clients have ranged from multi-national manufacturing companies to iconoclastic solo creators. I also help roll out books and interactive projects as a developmental editor.

Decades of start-up experience, along with my degrees, qualify me to lead or participate in user experience design, research, usability1, quality assurance, documentation, customer care, sales support, and training. I often handle multiple roles (as needed) and then hand them over cleanly as a team expands.

I enjoy the roller-coaster2 of new product develoment and the rewards of ensuring customer satisfaction.

[1] For best results design and usability are covered by different people; most employers choose 2-5 skills from this list.

[2] full image | permission from Disney

[3] My peer-reviewed publications discuss how to make collaborations more effective, and I have cross-cultural experience solving problems in the areas of staffing and knowledge management.

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